Google Home Mini OOH

Google Home Mini is your little helper at home, a hands-free assistant that does a variety of things from setting timers to reading you the news. To help launch the product, we did an OOH campaign throughout the UK, including a 130-meter long bridge, that helped put the Mini's size and capabilities into context while celebrating its circular shape. 

Digital OOH

Westfield Bridge (London)

The narratives were pieced together in a bespoke design and layout for the 130-meter long two-sided bridge connecting one of London’s largest shopping centers and transportation hubs.

We worked with talented photographers Anne Claire de Breij and Paloma Rincon, and illustrator Rob Bailey in bringing these concepts to life.

Role: Art Director + Designer
CD: Rey Andrade
Production: Nili Zadok
Brand: Chelsea Lamond




Google Home Mini OOH