Piaggio Fast Forward


Introducing Gita: Innovation at Street Level
Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is an innovative mobility company that was launching the Gita, a mobility assistant that carries personal goods from point A to B, and asked for our help. As the Gita was still in prototyping stages pre-launch, we had to come up with a way to show what it does without actually showing the product.

Our solution was to create a series of films showing the world from Gita's point of view that would be released in the week leading up to the launch of Gita, giving the Gita a personality while showing how it will be useful.

Walk the Dog

Date in the Park

At the Market

Manifesto Film

In tangent with the launch of the Gita was the launch of PFF as a company. We created a manifesto film that bridges the connection between street-level observations and the PFF lab, which we visited and filmed to better understand what their daily work entails. Hint: it's very hands-on, collaborative and basically looks like an IRL Getty image search for "happy engineers building things".

Art Direction / Design
Carlo Cavallone
Felicitas Olschewski
Gaia Rossetti